Crazy Cat

Chubby Bunny

Crazy Jester

Pinchy Face

Crazy Vee

Stained Glass Bacon Head

Glove Guy

Wrench Feet

Suicide Nose Blast

The Rooster


Love Builds Foundation

United Resistance

Global Resistor

This Condom Earth

Rad Wagon

Constitutional Boogie

Halethorpe Super Bee

Halethorpe Lego Club 1

Halethorpe Lego Club 2

Halethorpe Spirit-Wear 1

Halethorpe Lego Club 3

Halethorpe Lego Club 4

Halethorpe Spirit-Wear 2

Halethorpe Lego Club 5

Halethorpe Lego Club 6

Halethorpe Lego Club 7

Halethorpe Lego Club 8

Tee-Shirt Portfolio

I love graphic imagery; wearable art is surely a way to enable cultural impact across borders, especially with a design that has visual appeal.

I have been fortunate enough to create many designs, and will continue to create many more designs in the future.

I was inspired very early on in life during the late 60's and early 70's by the many Tee-Shirt graphics that flooded the markets. Available at record stores, retail outlets like Spencer’s, and other places.

Fortunately, because of today’s internet you can purchase my designs printed on shirts, phone cases, mugs, journals, tote bags, beach towels . . . The links to my stores are on my page under my contacts tab.