Full name

Marty Murphy




Baltimore, MD


I like making art that inspires people to think about themselves and consider the world around them, and to use laughter to heal from the horrors we see.


I have been a working professional artist for most of my life; I executed my first graphics job at 15 years of age.

In 2010, I went back to school to upgrade my employable skills. I completed my A.F.A. in Fine Arts (Art/Design/Interactive Media) from CCBC, and my B.F.A. in Visual Arts (Animation/Interactive Media) from UMBC; graduating with honors from both schools.

I am intensely passionate about education and social justice for the planet, about creating art, about learning, teaching, and inspiring others to realize their potential in as many forms of expression possible.

I like creating art that tells a story; stories that empower minds to think and act relentlessly with compassion, love, truth, and humor to realize innate potential. It is Art and Creative Expression that built the societies that inhabit this planet and we must never lose sight of that fact, forsaking our humanity for petty endeavors and short term achievements, ignorant of the long term effects.

My preferred methods are to produce works revealing hand-made traces and remnants; pencil and paper, stained glass, paint, assemblage . . . Methods that directly reflect and reveal environments around us, inviting our senses to experience processes of chaos and upheaval so we may evolve and rebuild, perpetually and selflessly, on all levels; personal, mental, spiritual, physical, economic, social, cultural . . .

I love the digital platform for its overall ease, speed, and access to resources. But I also I love the digital platform for it’s eventual promise of human bio-integration; the idea of human brains operating incomprehensible hardware interfaces to produce works of art in ways we can’t yet fathom. I can easily envision interactive holographic immersion environments implemented as a teaching tool in schools and universities, and elsewhere.

My influences are derived in all things, and the people associated within. I am especially fond of anything that disrupts and disturbs the status-quo or complacent ideologies that directly threaten the realization of human cooperation and potential. In other words; my influences are people and things that allow/invite/show us contradictions to assumed reality.



University of Maryland Baltimore County

Baltimore, MD · 2013 – 2017

Animation/Interactive Media
Magna Cum Laude


Community College Baltimore County

Catonsville, MD · 2010 – 2013

Art, Design, and Interactive Media
Summa Cum Laude



Saramar Studios

Baltimore, MD · 2004 – 2010

Custom Commercial and Residential Stained Glass Mosaic and Window Panels


Cat Box Productions

Silver Spring, MD · 1987 – 1995

Arts and Entertainment Production Company